Posted by: londynbridges | November 4, 2009

It’s a Small World After All ….

Think back to the time where the internet did not rule your life. When cells phones, PDAs and Blackberries didn’t exist. Could you imagine yourself without them for an entire 24 hours?  Technology can be a very good thing and a very bad thing. It makes people very accessible to your everyday life. How many of us honestly believe that the things we put on social networks are actually safe? Don’t you think that the creators of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. can easily access the things in your inbox, chat, or see what you do behind the scenes? What about your e-mail? 

And for people who are in the job market, it makes our world even smaller. Imagine graduating from college and you are now ready to step into the work force. Someone from half way across the planet gets your dream job all because of how small technology is making our world.  Employers can now easily access your social networking pages to see what type of person you are, and even turn you down for a job if there is something they don’t agree with on the site. You can get instant background checks on the internet, and now Google even allows you to see a person’s house if you type in the address!

What about internet sites that claim they are “secure” sites? Well someone had to build them, which means someone also knows how to hack into them. Your bank info, social security number, credit card numbers, etc. are all just a click away. You ever thought about what Cookies are? They are a way to trace your most visited sites on the web. Companies actually use cookies to store your information into large data bases that can profile the type of person you are. That’s how most politicians know exactly what platforms to zone in your area. They buy loads of info from these companies to help them in their political races.  Once you give your name and telephone number to a seemingly harmless internet survey, or maybe bought something off the web, they have you! Ever received an e-mail with your first and last name in the subject? How do you think they got it?  

-So the moral of this story is, BE SAFE ! Technology may seem cool, but the effects of not being aware and safe on the web can be dangerous. 


The new big brother


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