Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | November 4, 2009

Foxy Brown disses Lil Kim, Angel Lola Luv & others

Foxy Brown is back and STILL dissing Lil Kim, and now she is adding Angel Lola Luv and a few others to the diss list. Here is her new track “Off The Muscle” in it she says: “but mother*****s will never see me Dancing with the Stars never will I embarass my borough I’m too thorough..” . She also features her boo Rick Ross on the track.



  1. Never say never Olga.

  2. foxy is the bomb!! i love her music .. she always is lyrical & gives reality to the track.

    lil kim sadly looks like the saw puppet & chucky doll these days & her raps are horrrrrriblee !!

    give it up kim, go back to being a science project u ugly self-loathing thing..self-hate in 2009 #weoffthat.

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