Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | November 3, 2009

Who want a pair of sneakers a week?


I'm down for free kicks...what about you?

So I was breezing through my boy Senor Kaos’ blog over at The Kaos Effect and the first thing that caught my eye was free shoes! Ya’ll know I love the EXCLUSIVES and this is a top knotch exclusive contest. A british based shoe brand called “Crooked Tounges” is giving away 52 pairs of shoes in one year….thats a pair of shoes a week! I will be registering for this under ALL my alias’ , its that serious! So don’t be a loser and miss out on this once in a lifetime GREAT opportunity! Keep in mind that Crooked Tounges is just the name of the store, they are giving away Jordans, Nikes, Reaabok, etc….basically whatever you into THEY SEND IT TO YOU! So go ahead and get your typing fingers ready and SIGN UP NOW!

Click HERE to enter



  1. FREE!!! My absolute favorite word 🙂 Thanks for the hook up Ms. Carter.

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