Posted by: Chris Lockard | November 3, 2009

Eclectic Noise

Welcome everyone to Reality Buzz’s voice and opinion on all things indie, eclectic and hip-hop.  Hopefully with my help you’ll never find yourself wondering again how M.I.A. or The Postal Service didn’t end up on your iPod until after their popularity had blown up along with their price of admission to their shows. Now that’s not to say everything posted here will reach that level, as not all bands are destined to reach the masses, but hopefully at the very least this blog can lead you to some new sounds that you can fall in love with it and fill your playlists. Enough talk though, lets get to the music.

GirlsAlbum B+

Today we have the indie lo-fi pop band Girls. Their debut release “Album” released earlier this month after nearly a year and a half of blog hype due to early video releases of the songs “Hellhole Ratrace”, “God Damned” and “Lust For Life”. While most blog hype usually fades quickly once a band actually produces an album, Girls actually manages to live up to the hype. Combining the vocals of Elvis Costello with early Beach Boys melodies, Girls take you on a trip that mixes joys of everyday life with personal struggles and heartbreak.

Front man Chris Owens is no stranger to the ups and downs of life. As a child he was raised in religious cult where his brother died due to the cult’s non belief in western medicine, his father then abandoned him,  and his mother became a hooker on the cult’s orders. He then fled the cult as a teenager to Texas where he was found by a millionaire  who adopted him and took him home to San Fransisco (I couldn’t make this up if I tried). Needless to say Owens has seen life’s good and dark sides and most likely it works to his advantage on this album as he isn’t afraid to expose himself within his songs. All in all it feels as if this album is more designed to help Owens close those dark chapters of his past while trying to move on and focus on the simple joys of life and the belief that things can change for the better.

“Lust for Life” (see video) is the crowning achievement as Owens combines his hopes for some constant stability of happiness in his life no matter how small (pizza, suntans, and beach houses) with the own personal struggles of his past. In the end the chorus gives us hope that maybe despite all the scars life has handed Owens he can leave his past behind and start anew through a new love, “Maybe if I really tried with all of my heart then I could make a brand new start in love with you” . Let’s hope he’s right.

Top Tracks: Lust for Life, Hellhole Ratrace, Laura


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