Posted by: londynbridges | November 3, 2009

Black Face in 2009?

Ok so Vogue has turned some heads here lately and we want to know your opinion. This picture of model Laura Stone in black make-up has turned some heads in the fashion industry. I mean the concept is nice, but why now just get a black model? Was this even necessary?


Is this Black Face? Another Laura Stone Photo

french vouge
Here is another one.
cheerleader bf

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for Halloween

Obviously she was Lil Wayne, but was this really necessary? 

Now below is a picture of old black face photos that were used in acting to make fun of blacks.

Actors in Blackface

Another Laura Stone Photo



  1. What year is this? Black face, for real??? SAD! With all of the beautiful black models out there this was what they came up with? The cheerleader should be cut for very poor judgement. Not the image the all american cheer squad usually tries to present.

  2. Get over it

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