Posted by: Jonathan Barron | October 29, 2009

The Box Office Hustle

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Welcome back to “The Box Office Hustle”!!!!! This is the place to be to get the latest and most up to date info on the top box office draws of the weekend. The enlightenment begins now!!!

Coming in at number three this weekend is, once again, “Where the Wild Things Are”. This is the classic children’s tale about a boy who travels to an unknown land and becomes the king of a race of monsters. This movie will stay in the top three due to it’s mass appeal. It has something for everyone and does not pander or dumb down the audience. This film will rake in another $7 to $10 million dollars by the end of this weekend.

Coming in at number two this weekend is “Paranormal Activity”. This film has gained massive appeal and success and is showing no sign of slowing down. After it’s $20 million weekend, it will do exceedingly well due to the Halloween Holiday. The story centers around a young couple who is terrorized by a “paranormal” presence in their’ home. I expect this to rake in another $15 to $20 million in the upcoming weekend. This film may continue to rise in revenue if it is released in more theaters across the country. If it’s not showing in your area, REQUEST IT NOW!!!!!

Rounding out the top three is “This Is It”. This is no contest. This documentary will destroy the competition this weekend with at least $50 million. It is already breaking box office records for the month of October. This film comes from a compilation of over 80 hours of footage focusing on the preparation of his “This Is It” Tour. Not only will this film “Hustle” massive amounts of money, but there is already Oscar buzz surrounding this film. On top of that, it is enjoying an 84% fresh rating on This film will be the one to see.

There you have it folks. Tune in next week as we discuss the 78,290th version of “A Christmas Carol” rolling into theaters next week. Who says you can’t get too much of a good thing? Until next time, GO GET HUSTLED!!!!!

Jonathan Barron

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