Posted by: londynbridges | October 28, 2009

Do artists really care about their content?

It seems like the lyrics of some of todays hot rappers are getting more and more vile, disgusting, degrading, and down right disrespectful.  And I really don’t think rappers really gage the impact that they have on our youth with these powerful lyrics. This past weekend at well-known HBCU FAMU, rapper Plies gave a girl a stack -$1000 dollars to have her family take her some where nice because the lyrics to his songs he thought were too vulgar for hear …

New flash Plies.

Kids all across America are hearing your lyrics. They know them word from word and the context of what they mean. Are you going to give EVERY kid some money to not listen? Now I know part of this epidemic of kids knowing rap songs better than their school work is mostly the parents fault. Basic people have basic kids basically. Kudos to DJ lol. But honestly these lyrics could use a tone down. Kids are going to grow up looking at what they see & hear. They follow you, listen to you, idolize you, adore you. And what you feed into your lyrics is just as much as your fault as the parents.

I’ve experienced this first hand. From a child’s point of view, and from a person listening to a child recite some lyrics they had NO BUSINESS saying. I remember singing Kilo’s ,”Nasty Dancer,” as a child in the car and my mom was yelling telling me not to sing that song. I knew full well what I was singing, and what I was singing about. Then recently, I was at work and one of the local radio stations was on. There had to be a kid in there no more than about 6 singing Jermiah’s, “Birthday Sex,” I was like wow. One of my employees suggested we should change the channel … I was like, “Umm Why?” Now I’m not trying to knock anyone’s hustle, by all means make your paper boo boo, but kids DO listen and they are affected by what they hear. Question is, do these artists really care? 

Parental Adivisory

Wake up Parents your kids are listening

kid covering ears

Kids are not walking around covering their ears

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