Posted by: Jonathan Barron | October 23, 2009

The Box Office Hustle: Introducing Jonathan Barron

Box Office Predictions NEVER Looked This Good...

Box Office Predictions NEVER Looked This Good...

Welcome to the Box Office Hustle.  This is the place to go to find the accurate predictions of the most profitable films of the upcoming weekend.  In the next few weeks, you will be wondering how you ever survived your movie experience without me.  When you are in the theater, you will wish I was there eating your popcorn.  As the credits role, you will leave the theater wondering what Jonathan Barron thought of this movie.  But sadly, you never hear my critical opinions, only my predictions.  I am your psychic hot line to the world of Hollywood money making.

“Saw VI” is my pick this week for the top box office draw.  I will give you a brief synopsis that will be repetitious.  Basically, a psychopath is carrying on the legacy of Jigsaw from the previous films by setting death traps for his victims.  This is a very successful franchise in the horror film genre.  It is very common for a “Saw” sequel to rake in $30 million in an opening weekend and this should be no different.  This franchise has always received the ideal release date during the Halloween season which further enhances the appeal of the film.  The aforementioned details plus the loyal fan base will give this movie the advantage this weekend.  And trust me, there already planning a sequel.

The most interesting film this week is “Paranormal Activity”.  The film centers around a young couple living in a typical suburban home who are terrorized by a demonic presence.  It is, very much, in the tradition of “The Blair Witch Project”.  It is important to note that this film would be in the top spot this week if it had more theater exposure.  This movie came in third last weekend with $20 million respectively.  This film was shown in only 760 theaters across the country which makes the films performance a phenomenon.  This weekend, with its growing buzz (due to great internet marketing) and increased theater exposure, expect to see this film rise to the number two spot in weekend box office.

“Where the Wild Things Are” will finish out the weekend predictions in the number three spot.  The classic children’s story centers around Max, a young boy who runs away from home to a faraway land.  He soon finds himself in a fantasy world filled with monsters that make Max their king.  It had a very strong showing in theaters last weekend which should continue.  The wide variety of audiences this attracts will keep the money pouring in.  This film, with solid reviews, will keep the attention of children, families, and young adults because it has something to offer everyone.

There you have it.  It is often difficult being right all the time.  However, it is a burden I will proudly take on.  In the weeks to come, you will grow to depend on this weekly “Hustle”.  You can already feel the addiction seeping through your’ blood can’t you?  Until next time, go get HUSTLED!!!!!!

Jonathan Barron


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