Posted by: londynbridges | October 22, 2009

Lil Wayne in a LOT of Legal Trouble

As of yesterday, grammy award winning rapper Lil Wayne could be facing up to one year in prison on gun related charges. He plead guilty after in 2007 in NYC, police raided his tour bus after reportedly smelling weed. He was seen tossing a Louis Vitton bag with a  gun inside.  


Wayne still faces felony drug & weapons charges from the state of Arizona, after police found 105 grams of weed, 29 grams of coacaine, and 41 grams of estacy, and other drug paraphernalia AND a hang gun during a traffic stop back in Yuma County in 2008. He plead not guilty to those charges and his expected court date is in Marchh 2010.

In others words … he’s gonna be in jail for a lonnnnnggg time. So not cool Wayne. You have a VERY LARGE family to think about now. 

At least he braided his dreads lol
At least he braided his dreads lol


Keep ya head up !!

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