Posted by: tokyorose1 | October 21, 2009

Who’s Hot in the Fashion World Right Now?

If you don’t know the name…..Melody Ehsani……you better learn it now! Melody is the Brand spanking new, hottest designer that’s hitting the market and coming strong with a whole new definition of the word accessories. She’s been on the market now for about 2 years strong and her line of accessories range from chains to watches, rings, and earrings and most importantly the shoes…got to have the shoes. Her first hit into fashion was when she had an internship at a sneaker company. When designing sneakers, Melody always created a stiletto counterpart of that design.

Melody stated in Liv Lux Magazine ““I’m very selfish in my design at this stage because I usually design items that I myself would wear, and right now. I’m more into very simple, clean lines when it comes to clothing and really outrageous, bold and super heroesque shoes and accessories, they’re more exciting for me.”

Melody says that her clientele consists of “independent, conscious, scene forecasters and scenesters.”  She wants to give women what they need and at the same time provide high quality fashion products that are beautiful, comfortable and affordable…cant beat that.  You may have seen some of her work on some of the hottest in the game such as Keri Hilson, Rihanna, Erykah Badu, the Simmons Sisters and many more…….

Ok so we know from the stars that they love it and are wearing it every day but how do you guys feel about the fashion? Im loving it and would rock it any day. So dont be suprise if you see me on somebody’s red carpet rockin Melody Ehsani from head to toe lol. To check out more on Melody and her products you can visit



  1. Too cute. The 80’s still rule.

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