Posted by: londynbridges | October 21, 2009

Run DMC The Musical !!

Buzz on the street corner is producer Paula Wagner (who has previously worked with Tom Cruise on Mission Impossible) has teamed up with my favorite people Rev Run (Joseph Simmons) and DMC (Darryl McDaniels) to produce a musical which will highlight the careers of the group Run DMC, as well as the late great Jam-Master-Jay. 

Wagner reveals, “I feel their story lends itself perfectly to the stage. This project has been a passion of mine for some time and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with them.” -Perez Hilton

Despite the hate from some, I think the musical will be a big hit in the hip-hop community. It will reveal to people the true essence of the ART and give you an inside look at the lives of some of hip-hop’s g.a.t’s … (Greatest of All Times). They truly have a remarkable story & I can’t wait to hear it !!  As for Wagner, she feels Run-DMC was the first rap group to really influence music in America and with the help of her new production company she wants everyone to watch their “inspirational” story. – Perez Hilton

Run DMC !!!

Run DMC !!!


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