Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | October 20, 2009

So Foxy Brown Gets it in…even in jail!

Ya'll can't hold me down...oh no...I got to keep on movin...

Ya'll can't hold me down...oh no...I got to keep on movin...

Apparently Foxy Brown is a bad bitch, even in jail, she still run the street. A few prison guards have quit due to the fact that Brown received special treatment behind bars. She supposedly got to wear her gucci shoes, have her cell phone, and leave for a photoshoot. WTF!?!?! Here is the “spokesperson” Stephen Morello, and his way of “clearing up what happened:

Morello said that Brown’s 2008 jailhouse interview and photo shoot with a hip-hop magazine, her sporting Gucci sneakers and a Fendi scarf in the prison, and purported extended visits in her cell with a chaplain fell within normal guidelines. “Inmates were entitled to wear their own clothing,” he explained. “That’s her choice. The interviews were approved by the [Department of Correction’s] Department of Media Services. We do it as a matter of routine.” He noted that The Post has conducted many interviews in city jails and that Brown’s lasted for about one hour, which is standard procedure. (New York Post)


  1. I’ve seen quite a few jailhouse interviews and I have NEVER seen somebody rockin’ designer gear in them. The ill NaNa must have been making the guards freaky fantasies come true.

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