Posted by: londynbridges | October 16, 2009

A State of Emergency V0l 3: Better Dead than Alive

The Biggie & Pac Syndrome

Lets’s just dive right in shall we? Why is it that the hip-hop generation pays more respect to rappers once they are dead? Why can’t we honor them while they are alive? Now I know most rappers die tragically, and we really don’t have the chance to tell them good-bye, but we should recognize the greatest of the great while they are here. They seem to attract more of a fan base once they are DEAD? Real backwards isn’t it? 

He is Notoriosuly Dead Now

He is notoriously Dead Now

He always used to talk about death ... until he died

He always used to talk about death ... until he died

As a culture we should take the time out to honor our greats, and not always wait on major TV stations to do so. If an artist knew how much they mean to us a a culture, I’m pretty sure they would create better music. Once your dead,  your dead, whatever religious aspect you chose to take on this is your choice, but once your dead, that’s it. We need to start giving props to our fav artists now!


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