Posted by: londynbridges | October 14, 2009

VH1 Honors :Salute to Def Jam Recap

defj    The 25-year-old Hip-hop originators celebrated a much deserved honors award show given by VH1. If you missed the show you need to go watch it now! I’m pretty sure it is on re-runs already. Although Def Jam icons LL Cool J & Jay-Z weren’t there, artists like Public Enemy, Red Man & Method Man, Ludacris (From Def Jam South), and a host of others rocked the stage, & kept the crowd pumping. The only performance I would give a total (F) to is Ashanti & JaRule, absolutely NO stage presence WHAT SO EVER !!!  

Def Jam was founded by Rick Ruben, who was always heard making beats in his dorm room at New York University. LL Cool J & The Beastie Boys were some of Def Jams’s first artists, with LLs first single, “I Need a Beat.” & The Beastie Boys with ,”Rock Hard.”

And Big ups to Lyor Cohen for dissing Bad Boy Records, now that was funny lol !

 Here are some old school vids for old Def Jam Artists :

LL Cool J : I Need Love


Public Enemy: “Fight the Power”

Beastie Boys,” You gotta fight your right to party.”

Warren G -“Regulate”

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