Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | October 14, 2009

Usher Has a New Fragrance

I hope it smaells as good as he looks...YES LAWD!

I hope it smaells as good as he looks...YES LAWD!

Usher is gearing up to release a new fragrance to the world, designed by him.

Designed with the ladies in mind, the fragrance captures the essence of masculinity, self-assurance and poise. Confident, sexy and stylish, you’ll be sure to make an impact while interpreting and expressing your own special charisma in your VIP state of mind.

“I consider fragrance to be one of the most important tools of engagement for seduction. With Usher VIP I created a gentlemen’s scent, which would also appeal to women…VIP is a state of mind which is about what you do with that confidence and how you make an impact in the lives of those around you,” commented Usher.

Ya’ll know i support him 100%….I need a case! Perfect timing for his album release!



  1. You already know O So GOT it!!! Two words: “CRUSH MODE”!!

  2. I’m wit you Brooke. Usher’s fine butt is Red Lobster Biscuit good. Praise God, I feel my inner cougar comin’ to life!

  3. What?!?!?! O So you stay wit the “EXCLUSIVES” lol…crush mode? I love a man in CRUSH…smells toooo good! Good lookin out!

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