Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | October 13, 2009

The claws are about to come out!

First punch thrown by Denyce

First punch thrown by Denyce

Melyssa takes a pretty brutal hit..can she recover?
Melyssa takes a pretty brutal hit..can she recover?

Ring the bell Twitter just got interesting. It seems well known “model” Melyssa Ford has pissed in Denyce Lawton’s Cheerios and she ain’t having it! Denyce is a well known actress and model you may know her from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Today, as so many celebs seem to do, Denyce decided to pour her heart out on Twitter and release some fustration. She is OFFICIALLY beefin with Melyssa Ford, or since its on Twitter, TWEEFIN! Here are a few of Ms. Lawton’s comments:

    •  Hypocritical Atheist chics acting like they LOVE the LORD 2 B down, GOD knows ur demons & He will get u if I dont! #UNFOLLOW @MellyFord
  • I DONT normally BLAST NAMES but IM DONE w/ LYING ass hoes who think they’re better than the next chic! Lets keep it 100 @MellyFord
  • Ive NEVER DONE ANYTHING2 @MellyFord but help her get her 1st CLOTHED photoshoot & headshots & be cool w/ her, tried 2 reconnect her w/ some1
  • she did dirty & SHE LIES ON ME, TALKS SHYT about ME?????????? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep up ur antics! IM BEGGING YOU! PLEASE @MellyFord

At this time Melyssa Ford has yet to respond, but lord have mercy Jesus when she gets online it WILL more than likely get even better. Stay tuned for more on the battle!




  1. Oh Hell! Sounds like Denyce is ready to put on some vaseline and sneakers. Calm down Boo. It ain’t worth it. If she’s smart Melyssa won’t say anything. This is one of those time where silence is golden.

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