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Freaks of Nature Tour: Hot talent from the South

\”Self O.N.E Ladies love me Girls Adore Me\”

Find out why they call themselves Freaks of Nature
If you’re not snappin or rappin bout trappin, you’re a freak of nature.


Ever wondered when that time would come when Southern rappers would take back the throne? Well, now is that time. In the great city of Columbus, GA rap groups V.A.R. Gang, C.I.T.Y Counsel & S-Y-N 540 Gang will be giving a FREE concert on Friday, Oct 16th, just to prove to you that hip-hop is not dead. So who are they? Are they just another group of guys knocking at the door, or do they really have something to bring to the table? We’ll let YOU be the judge. 

“Defintion of VAR music: V.A.R is music that goes beyond money, cars, clothes, and women. This group defines hip hop at its finest with more than just hot beats and punch lines. This music takes your mind to a whole new level. Their creative flow and meaningful lyrics will exceed what hip hop is missing”
– This excerpt was taken from
“In general we’re just some dudes who loves Hip-Hop from the soul sampled beats, to the liberation of the word play. There’s no gimmicks about us. We just love music, and what you hear is what you see. It’s not just hip-hop in order to truly know and love music, we open our minds to everything. Rock music, video games music, well thats me anyways but you know all the good stuff. Couple of intelligent guys who love the good ol Hip-Hop, and is willing to save it or at least stay loyal to it. C.olorful I.ntelligent T.houghtful Y.ester Year is what makes up C.I.T.Y. Counsel.”
-Antoine Powell (Nytez B.) from C.I.T.Y Counsel  
So why call this concert the Freaks of Nature? It seems like in the south, “if you’re not snappin or rappin about trappin, you’re a freak of nature.” There needs to be more artists like these young men who step up to the plate & expand themselves lyrically. PLEASE SUPPRORT YOUR LOCAL *TALENTED* ARTISTS. We cannot complain about the state of hip-hop if we do nothing to help make it better. There needs to be new, fresh talent brought to the surface, and we depend on YOU the audience to do your part.
Check out S-Y-Ns Music on

Check out S-Y-Ns Music on

V.A.R Members Left to Right : Bryant, Granz, Self O.N.E
V.A.R Members Left to Right : Bryant, Granz, Self O.N.E 


C.I.T.Y Counsel Performing at the Hip-Hop Summit
C.I.T.Y Counsel Performing at the Hip-Hop Summit

 This event is hosted by Ashli Soul of Oddity Magazine©, and The World Wide Home Boy DJ will be on the 1s & 2s. This event will be held at  The Fire Fighters Assoication, located on 6655 Lynch Rd, Midland, GA 31820. Remember this is a FREE EVENT .. SO YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT !!!!

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