Posted by: Brooke Lynn Carter | October 13, 2009

Does your BOOTY make your career?


Do you see butt pads?

In media today there is a frenzy to have a larger derriere. There is also a long list of females in the entertainment industry who have come into question on whether or not their butt is real. Among those females is Angel Lola Luv, who recently stated she will only be referred to now as “Lola Monroe” because of her “rap” career. Many of the people who knew Lola before the fame state that she use to be very skinny and did not have as big of a rear end. Nicki Minaj is also on the chopping block for having a fake butt. Many people who attended the Bet Hip Hop Awards this past weekend said her Butt Pads were quite visible. Now my question to you Buzzers is…is a booty really necessary to “jumpstart” your career? True enough fake breasts have been the movement for many women for many years but is it really what sells movies, albums, cosmetics, etc.?

Thanks Real Talk NY for the pic!

Thanks Real Talk NY for the pic!

According to my research,  Butt Injections are $500 a cheek. In this time of a recession women who are simply STARTING their career, are dropping what we call a “stack” to go mainstream.  What exactly are we suppose to get out of this? Because you got a big butt, you the best lyricist alive? Ummmmm NO! Check the video below. They call it Nicki Minaj Exposed. You be the judge…



  1. Wow! How this chick gon’ lie man. I feel used.

  2. I guess she use to be that “itty bitty” piggy in the market she talks about on her song! Those things don’t just grow over night!

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