Posted by: londynbridges | October 13, 2009

Does Personal Business Change the Music?

Ok In recent light of the Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats, Mashonda love triangle thing happening, and with past cases like the infamous R.Kelly ordeal, & of course Michael Jackson & his drama, Chris & Rihanna I have raised a serious question for the audience:

Does the personal life of your admired musicians change how you feel about their music? 

I really love Alicia Keys, I feel like she gives women a powerful voice and represents the classier side of the female image in music. But with her becoming a home wrecker, & ruining a marriage and ESPECIALLY with a child involved, it kinda makes you wonder about her. Like how can you preach & sing about these positive messages in your music, & you go & do something like that? More on this story {}

Now the R.Kelly & Michael Jackson ordeals really didn’t affect me that much, just because, #1. MJ will ALWAYS be a great musician, #2. R.Kelly always talks about sex, get over it. But Alicia really hit home for me. As a fan, I really admired her. Not just her music, but her philanthropic giving & the way she lived her life I really admired. But when the ISH hits the FAN .. wow ! A person’s true colors come out. Her music will always be good, but I think I lost a bit of repsect for the way she is living her life. That’s just my opinion, cause I am a HUGE Alicia fan. I’ve loved her since day 1 …when she was the cornrow queen lol. 

The Chris Brown & Rihanna situation also has me wondering. I see both sides of the story from personal experiences, but I’ve been surfing the web & seeing fans just lash out at both parties for their personal choices in the situation. But does that affect how you feel about their music?


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  1. Some scandals can be cleaned up and/or easily forgotten, but some can’t. Then some scandals are just sneaky as hell and come back to bite you in the a** when times are good. All I can say is, what goes around – comes around. Careful you don’t get bit Ms. Keys.

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