Posted by: londynbridges | October 1, 2009

Chris Brown : “I ain’t a monsta,” GRRR

Ummm … new summer single???  It’s fall 2009 Chris in case you haven’t noticed …….. I guess he’s talking about his collaboration with Ester Dean on, “Drop it Low.” If that song comes on in the club ….. I’m jamming to it. Here are BOTH vids … Ester Dean looks like a fake Ciara & Missy Elliot.



  1. I love that song, “Drop It Low,” & Chris Brown killed it fa real in that video! No one can say that he is not talented b/c they’d be lying thru their teeth!! LOL, that 2nd video was silly & yea, it got released during the summer, but the video didn’t come out til late. However, it’s all good so everything’s gonna be fine…I wish him nothing but the best & I really do hope he’s learning and growing from everything that’s happened over the past 6+ months

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