Posted by: londynbridges | October 1, 2009

A State of Emergency V0l 1: Women in Hip- Hop

From the Video Girl to Lauren Hill.

Ok there are two subjects I want to touch on this week when talking about women in hip-hop.

First off is a question I want to pose to my audience. Is the disrespect of women in hip-hop the male or the females fault? We see it all the time. The half-naked woman in the videos dancing to some rappers song, getting a credit card sliced through her ass, you know, the usual. Or, the lyrics that we women jam to in the clubs that call us every name but the one God gave us. In the words of Chris Rock, “he ain’t talking to me!” Can you really blame men for talking so bad about groupies when women lower themselves & do ANYTHING  for popularity? This as you can see is a very dense subject. There is a certain amount of blame to be placed on both sexes. Snoop Dogg walking down the red carpet with two women tied to dog collars is just wrong. There is no getting around that. But the (excuse my french) dumb-ass women who ALLOWED that to happen are just as bad.  When women don’t stand up for themselves & allow that type of nonsense and disrespect to happen, there is no stopping it. If we don’t respect ourselves who will? Then you have women of all ages desiring to be a video girl, to have a body that men desire, but really your just an object. Your right there with the Bently on dubs, his necklace, & of course his wardrobe. Your value is that of some Nikes. A nice piece of eye candy only for the moment. 

Now, I am not blaming hip-hop on the low image of women, because women are just as responsible for this epidemic. Hip-hop is once again expression, so there will come a time where artists talk about women in a negative light. But does it have to be disrespectful & sexual ALL THE TIME? You can talk about the things you love about woman, without making me sound like a hoe.

Girl you’ve been touched by the forces of nature
Im just tryna motivate ya electricity is definitely there
I got shocked when I touched your hair
Sex 4 Suga
Suga 4 Sex

-Common. african

Now 2nd Huge subject I want to touch on is the FEMALE MC … Where did she go?  What happened to the messages great female MCs used to talk about? There will never EVER be another Lauren Hill, Mc Lyte, Salt & Peppa, Queen Latifah …etc.  But you would think 2009 would be the time where female MCs rose to the occasion and stepped their games up lyrically. Why do the current & few female rappers we have ALL have to be sex symbols? Lauren Hill rapped in a damn BOW TIE !! Queen Latifah in a dashiki. Why do you have to be naked to get respect &  a fan base from males? I don’t understand it. I can’t listen to what you say lyrically without your pu-nanny all in my face on stage. Then it’s the messages they drive home. Sex, material wealth, haters … yada yada. Don’t get my wrong now some of these songs are my jams like, Trina’s, “That’s my Attitude,” -Gotta love that song.  But when are rappers like Trina, Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, Khia, … etc going to get the message that sex is the ONLY thing they are selling? Lauren Hill (is/was) respected because of what is inside of her head, not on her body.  (NOW IF WE COULD JUST GET HER TO STOP HAVING MARLEY’S KIDS & COME BACK  TO THE GAME ……..) 

There can be an equal balance in hip-hop to BOTH dilemmas we have. Artists like Lupe Fiasco have proven that he can talk about, “the bitch he dated,” and his, “Sunshine,” all in the same album. Female rappers Salt & Peppa have had their share of looking sexy, WITHOUT looking like some hoes & still earn respect. It IS possible. So back to the million dollar question. Blame the artist, OR  Blame the audience?

Do we blame the artists for not finding that balance, or do we look at the audience who gives their dollars to nonsense & do not support REAL artists?


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