Posted by: londynbridges | September 29, 2009

Hip Hop: A State of Emergency

Many things come to my mind when I think about the direction hip-hop is taking. Many people criticize hip-hop for its degrading messages, racy content, and sexual meanings. But one thing people have to understand about any art is that art is a form of expression. No one criticized Michael Angelo for painting half naked angles, people see this as beauty. Hip-hop will always have a negative side to it, because these artists are expressing how they feel about their day-to-day lives, the struggle that they live in, and how they manage to survive, or in some cases not survive. But when these messages cross the line between being expressionistic, to glorifying objectivity, then we have a problem. Since when did it become a desirable way of life to sell drugs, rob, steal and kill? I ask myself sometimes do these rappers and artists really understand the dynamic of what they are saying? In a book called, “Why White Kids Love Hip-hop,” by Bakari Kitwana, he states that hip-hop is a driving force in our community that is really staring to bridge racial gaps. But what are these kids really understanding? Do they really understand the life-style that comes along with being a rapper? Why has the image of being a rapper become desirable, when a lot of these guys are really hurting? Because of the glamorized life-style, a lot of record companies push for image, & rappers are falling for an image life-style instead of talking about what is really important. The money from these record labels have really clouded some minds. And the music, the art, the expression that we used to see from artists is suffering. We really can’t defend hip-hop anymore with songs like, “Meet me at the Waffle House,” and lets not talk about, “The Snap-Movement.” 

This is what people want now, this is what they desire. When we have intelligent rappers in the game, they get under rated, and never get enough recognition for who they are. Rap will always talk about women, drugs, poverty, gangs, sex, it’s just a part of life.  Does the glorification of money, cars, clothes, hoes show the limited minds of the rapper or the audience? We can go on all day about the problems, but what we need are solutions. 

So, this series that I am starting is called, ” Hip Hop: A State of Emergency,” because I don’t believe that hip-hop is dead, it just needs a revival. Each week I will publish a series in VOlUMES that talks about what is wrong with hip-hop, but most of all, how to fix it. I would really like feed back from all of you about what subjects to talk about and comments on the articles.    

VOl 1: Women in hip-hop: From the video girl to Lauren Hill

VOl 2: Southern Rap: WTF?!?!

VOl 3: Better Dead Than Alive: The Biggie & Pac Syndrome

VOl 4: Underrated: Most under-rated artists in the game 

VOl 5: Change Anyone ?

-Londyn BridgesHip hop : A State of Emergency


  1. i agree 100% with what you wrote. i’m actually going to quote your post on my website and help you get traffic to your site for the volumes.


  2. Wow thanks!!! I appreciate it!

  3. i agree with you as well. i’ll make sure i read “why white kids love hip-hop” i grew up in the suburbs of atlanta i’ve witnessed to cross over first hand. i’ll be interested to know wut the book intels.

    (free speech)blame the consitution its a key factor in the mind of writers who feel the need to express 100% of how they feel or how someone else feels about a topic. rappers get all the back lash though because our culture is the focal point in popular music and culture. i say speak wuts on your mind and in your heart no matter the content. … Read Moremusic is art, in which there are no bounderies.

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