Posted by: londynbridges | September 14, 2009

VMAs Recap 2009

gagaLets just jump right in shall we? Don’t ever hesitate to jump while your on a diving board, you’ll stay there forever. -Me lol. 

Way to go Janet for an awesome dedication performance to the beloved Michael Jackson. 10 points for you. However, umm MTV, y’all could’ve picked a way better host, like me for instance, cause the jokes were dry and the disorganization was a mess. And for the record, Lil Wayne had 2 girls pregnant at once. Lauren London already had her baby. So now he is down to one. Anyway, the next big thing of course was Kanye appearing out of no where and stealing Taylor Swifts moment. Once again, Kanye has said something stupid that made him the star of the show. He is an evil-genius in my opinion. But everything has to be done in class. And how he went about it was class-less. But I have to give him 10 points also, for making the VMAs about him, and no one else. My next thing is Taylor Swift’s performance! I loved it, it was really creative, and the people in the subway looked like they were shocked to be on camera. Green Day did an AMAZING job. I want them to perform at my next birthday party and carry me in the crowd ! Also, PINK ! One word … WOW. Talk about your stomach muscles, dancing and singing upside down on a rope. That was amazing. Beyonce of course had the most crowd participation for her performance, and to top it all off, she redeemed Taylor Swift and gave her back her moment, how sweet. And of course Jay- Z once again walked in the room like he was floating on a cloud. God I love that man’s swagger. And could some one please let me trade places with Megan Fox … No homo, but that chick is FINE !!!   BUT ….

Now the hot messes I have to talk about, #1. What did Serena Williams have on? I mean once again she looked like a man in a dress. #2. What was going on with the Tomb Raider braid in J-Lo’s hair? #3. LADY GAGA …. You know what, the outfit changes were really gettin on my nerves. One time she looked like the catholic version of the devil, next think she looked like a sea-urchin and an Eskimo. Now I have to give it to her, she is innovative. The outfits make her really unique. And her performance was great, but her voice got unusually deep at times … lol. #4. Solange no career having behind up there singing. Next ! #5. The HOTTEST MESS OF THE SHOW ……………………………. LIL MAMA. Where the *&^% did that old woman come from? She ruined my entire moment. For a minute there I felt like I was from Brooklyn hell, until she turned into I dream of Genie and popped up on stage. It was like the camera crew, Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z realized it all at the same time, they all turned around and that basic BISH was up there ! WHERE DID SHE COME FROM ???!!?!??!


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