Posted by: tokyorose1 | September 2, 2009

Its Muuuurder!!!!!Is the Inc. Welcoming a New Memeber?

Um…what’s this? The former member of 3LW and one of the Cheetah Girls, Adrienne Bailon, was spotted the other day with Irv Gotti, owner of Murder, excuse me, The Inc Records at New York’s finest restaurant Da Silvano’s. Was this a business lunch meeting or was it pleasure? Adrienne who is also known as the ex-girlfriend of Kim Kardashian’s brother Rob Kardashian is shopping for a solo deal. So is this one of her options? I hope not. Has she not learned anything from the R&B princess Ashanti or any body else for that matter that is still struggling to make it from that label…Lloyd. I’m glad that she is trying to do things on her own now because I truly believe that this girl has good talent. Her voice is not bad actually in my opinion she was the best vocals in both the Cheetah girls and 3LW. So go Adrienne!!!!!! Oh and also look out for her new reality show….yea I know ANOTHER REALITY SHOW that comes out really soon. I’m guessing it’s gonna be about her and her solo career. We shall see.


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