Posted by: londynbridges | August 31, 2009

Whitney Houston’s album, “I look to You,” drops Today !

whitCongrats to Whitney for making a great come back. I really thought she was not going to make anymore music. But 2009 is Come back season, so who else better to come back than Whitney? So far Whitney fans have been really responsive to her album, saying she is, “back and better than ever.” In my opinion her voice is just way to strong to give out. She has a timeless voice that is built to make music. Tomorrow she will appear on Good Morning America, and on Sept 14 is her highly anticipated appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show. So good luck to Whitney !  


Here are the track listings to her CD :  

1. Million Dollar Bill

2. Nothin’ But Love

3. Call You Tonight

4. I Look to You

5. Like I Never Left

6. A Song for You

7. I Didn’t Know my Own Strength

8. Worth It

9. For the Lovers

10. I Got You

11. Salute

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