Posted by: londynbridges | August 31, 2009


Wow 2009 is TRULY THE YEAR OF THE COME BACKS . Look out JONAS BROTHERS (very sarcastic comment), but that’s right the BACKSTREET BOYS are releasing their 7Th studio album, “This is Us,” scheduled to be released on October 6th. Nick, Howie, Brian & AJ are ready to come back to the music industry and take the world by storm. I have to say to this DAY, “Millennium,” is by FAR one of the best CD’s I have ever had. It was the first thing I purchased off of  iTunes, because I played the CD so much I scratched it up. I can’t wait to hear what this album sounds like, and what the first single is going to be. I’m sure it will be dropping very soon.  




  1. hola que tal

  2. I’ve been waiting for BSB to come back out & show Jonas Brothers how to REALLY do it because I find them {Jonas Brothers} to be extremely aggravating, so yes…continue on with the yr of the comebacks :-D!!!

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