Posted by: tokyorose1 | August 31, 2009

Bet Cha Cant Do It Like Me…Nope

Ok ladies move your living room furniture and make room and fellas get your dollars ready because Kandi of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Fantasia teaches some moves that I don’t think even pilates could get you prepared for. In a dance studio the ladies film themselves having fun, laughing with one another and doing girl stuff. Kandi teaches Fantasia some moves and posted the dance tutorial to YouTube, later realizing how much negative feed back the video got. She later deleted the video off of YouTube saying that

 “Fantasia & I thought the video was funny but her manager didn’t approve & I don’t wanna do anything that would be hurtful 2 her career. Oh well! Fantasia management just didn’t think it was a good look. I understood. gotta keep yo self marketable. Some people may not think it’s funny like us”

So what do you think? You can take the girl out the strip club but can’t take the strip club out the girl. And Kandi was the main person on the Real Housewives of Atlanta talking about she’s not ghetto and she’s conservative…….um…yea ok. But I can’t lie they were jamming and dropping it like it’s hot. Look out Magic City!!!!!! Well, I’m gone to put some ice on my hip now lol


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