Posted by: londynbridges | August 31, 2009

‘Damn, that white boy can sing!”-Chaka Khan!! 1994

The hottest INTERNATIONAL artist in my opinion is non other than Sam Sparro. “Black & Gold,” goes on my list for the Top 20  2009 International Hits. I samabsolutely love his style and his music. When I heard his song on the movie, “Obsessed,” I almost jumped out of my seat haha.  I was sitting there asking myself, ” People are JUST now hearing this song?!!!!”

He really elevates the pop culture with a double edged sword. He gives the industry a soulful classic voice, that you IMMEDIATELY hear when you listen to, “Black & Gold.” And with the music that makes you want to get up and dance, he is definitely a winner. Some of his musical influences are Jeremy Scott, Gareth Pugh ,SWV and Hot Ch!p. He has even released a mixtape,” Songs Not Bombs,’” featuring everything from his own music to cuts from Snoop, Soul II Soul, Montell Jordan and MIA.

With a musical background, and traveling back and forth between LA & London, he is making his mark as a true music genious.  Sparro on his offical music site, he says that, “I’m just a guy who likes to sing and wear fun clothes, who wants to have a laugh and wants everyone to get along,” “I want my music to take people out of their own life a bit and make them feel happy and feel that they’re more than what they think they are, whatever that is. The world is not as ordinary as people want you to think it is. If the music can make you forget about your stupid job and your bills and your relationship problems for half an hour, I’m happy with that.”

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