Posted by: tokyorose1 | August 28, 2009

Whats the Definition of a Diva? Its not Ciara

So as we know, being an artist in the music business is all about having the ability to entertain and bring uniqueness to the table. What sets you apart from every other artist in this industry? Well, that question is a bit harder to answer for the singer Ciara. Since Ciara’s sophomore album The Evolution, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, she seems to have a diffuclt time with just “Doing Her”. Have you notice that we have been seening a little of Rihanna, a little of Aaliyah and a WHOLE lot of Beyonce in her styles and videos lately?

Well, yea I have too and personally it’s a shame and embarrassing. Ciara has no sense of her self anymore…if I was her I would sooo fire my stylist and management team. If I was Beyonce I would get a little worried, because the next thing you know she will be going for Jay. Beyonce does a song with Justin Timberlake then Ciara does a song with JT. Beyonce does a cat suit in her video Kitty Kat, Ciara does the cat suit in her video LOVE,SEX, AND MAGIC, Beyonce does the leotard look for her Single Ladies video, Ciara does the same for her new single called Work with Missy Elliot, Beyonce records her single Diva and Ciara rocords to the same song…do you see where im going with this?

Now this is the definition of swagger jacking!

Now this is the definition of swagger jacking!

She’s so caught up in copying other people’s fashion, that she forgot what was important which was her music. Ciara’s third album FANTASY RIDE didn’t do so well…in fact, it didn’t do well at all becoming  a total major flop having Jordin Sparks and Chrisette Michele out selling her. Her sell was so embarrasing that even Britney Spears dropped her from her over seas Circus tour being replaced by Jordin Sparks…like wow how far off the map do you have to fall to get replaced by Jordin Sparks



  1. I LOVE Beyonce’ so so much…I’m one of her biggest fans & I like Ciara too…HOWEVER, after reading this article AND seeing those pictures from Ciara’s videos versus Bee’s videos, I must honestly say that she is the TRUE definition of a swagger jacker…I honestly feel as if somebody may have been boosting her up a little TOO much because she’s COMPLETELY fallen off of her rocker, so sorry Ciara, but I don’t agree with you biting Ms. B’s swag…2 thumbs down for you, hun

  2. Ciara is over…lol

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